Welcome To Video Villa:

VideoVilla is established in the year 1982 by late Sri K.V.NandanRao (Film Director), who has directed around 28 feature films during the period 1962 to1980.
Initially VideoVilla was making films on 35mm, 16mm & VHS formats. When the technical upgradation took place in the year 1985 wherein outside producers were accessible to other formats, Videovilla has been making films on U.Matic and Betacam formats & now in Digital formats i.e.(DV, DVCAM,DVCPRO, DIGI-BETACAM, FULL HD),35mm, 16mm Film formats. The post production work is done on in house Highend Non-Linear Editing systems.
VideoVilla is empanelled producer for APSFTVDC Limited. (AP Film & Television development corporation limited), SAPNET, MANA TV, BASHA MANDAKINI, BHEL, & few more Advt agencies.
VideoVilla caters to the need of film making in any of the above formats with its highly experienced technical team right from the Concept to the finished film with inhouse equipment like cameras, lighting equipment, trolleys & dolleys etc.

Our Clients: